Our personal values shape every aspect of how we live.  My personal ministry values have developed over time and shape how I view the world and how I respond to God’s call on my own life.  

  • I am called to serve in ministry and it is not of my own choosing. Ministry was not my first choice of vocational calls and but I have no doubt I made the right decision in saying yes. Nonetheless, I am not here because of my own choice.
  • My family is the greatest blessing I have received and they are central to my sense of call – My family is part of my call to ministry rather than in parallel with it.
  • I will point others to Jesus and bear witness to what He is doing in the world and in the lives of others – Ministry is not about what we do, but rather recognition of what God is doing.
  • Hope is my primary theological framework – The New Testament, above all else, says that Jesus came to bring hope into the world and I will seek to bear witness to that.
  • I will advocate for open structures – Movements thrive when embodied in structures that enable and support rather than contain and control.
  • I will seek to critically engage the values and teachings in our culture – Culture is not a monolithic entity, but one that has a collection of teachings and values that are often at odds with one another. Our task as the church is to recognize our own cultural nature and critically engage the values andteachings that surround us, seeking not to replace but transform those values and teachings.
  • I will not accept easy answers – God is not reducible to a set of propositions and therefore, the tough questions of life doesn’t have easy answers.  Sometimes the task of ministry is to engage the tough questions, acknowledging that we don’t have an answer and therefore we worship in faithfulness.
  • I will be an advocate for my sisters in Christ – Too often the church has uncritically and even accidentally embraced oppression and maligned the voices of those who together with men make up the image of God.
  • I will be an advocate for those who follow us – It is our task to hand on to our children “the faith that we have received from the saints”