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A Firm Foundation (Sermon)

I preached this sermon on March 15th, 2020 – the first Sunday after it was clear that Coronavirus would be altering our way of life for the near-term future. What are people of faith to do when facing the world of coronavirus, especially when the bible implies things like suffering actually can have a purpose in our lives?

Podcast Episode 001: YouTube as a Youth Ministry Platform with Jeremiah Wagner

In this episode, Brian chats with Jeremiah Wagner, a staff member at Crestfield Camp and Conference Center and Bower Hill Presbyterian Church, about the online ministry that he has built through YouTube. Playing games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and others Jeremiah has amassed over 3000 subscribers and developed relationships with kids from across the country that has led to countless positive interactions, prayer, and even bible study



Latest Sermons/Talks

“30 Years of Faithfulness” – The Open Door/Crafton Heights United Presbyterian Church (October 15th, 2017)

The Open Door, a ministry of Crafton Heights United Presbyterian Church has been around for 30 years!  I was honored to be invited to preach for the Sunday morning worship service where they celebrated their anniversary.  In the sermon, I reflect on two passages – Psalm 78 and Matthew 19, and draw on them to make this case: There is no better organization in our society to address the challenges facing teens today, such as systemic challenges as well as the sharp rise in anxiety/depression, than the church.  

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“Chasing the Goal” – October 8th, 2017 (Sunset Hills Presbyterian Church)

I love setting goals.  Goals for the week, month, year, etc – I love ’em all.  So what’s the goal of a being a Christian and going to church then?  Put more simply, is there any purpose of reason to being a person of faith?  Is it to get into heaven and therefore avoid divine punishment?  To be a “good person”?  To help your kids develop “good morals”?  In “Chasing the Goal” I wrestle with these questions (and more) as well as looking at what the Apostle Paul said in Philippians – and the answers might just surprise you, especially if you’ve been a long-time church goer.  

“Kingdom Math” – October 1st, 2017 (Hiland Presbyterian Church)

“Somebody else needs to…” is a common phrase in business, at home, and in our churches.  But sometimes, there’s no one else – and we are the answer.  But often when we’re faced with situations in all aspects of our lives, we find ourselves feel ill-equipped to handle the challenge we face.  Interestingly enough, the answer in challenging circumstances is often a mathematical one.  Not like 5+2=7, more like 5+2=20,000… 

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“Freed to Fail” – August 27th, 2017 (Verona Presbyterian Church)

I hate getting answers wrong.  I was notorious for and obnoxious even about arguing with my teachers in school over test questions.  I hated getting wrong answers.  The truth is, no one likes to be wrong.  But does the fear of being wrong hold you back?  Does it hold you back from living the very life God has called you to?  I know for me it often does.  But what about grace?  What if grace, this radical concept that is at the very core of the Christian faith, actually frees us to fail sometimes?

“Think Different” – August 20th, 2017 (First UP of Tarentum)

Ever noticed that nothing in your personal life changes until you change how you think about it?  The biggest road blocks and hurdles can become minor inconveniences or even amazing opportunities when we change how we think about them.  Paul encourages people to “think different” and Jesus was constantly challenging his followers to “think different”.  So how do we learn to “think different”?  In this message, I share about how learning to “think different” has helped me love God and love others more

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“God’s Horrible Timing” – July 30th, 2017 (Carnegie Presbyterian Church)

“Those Kids or Our Kids” – June 25th, 2017 (Wexford Community Presbyterian Church)

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