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A Firm Foundation (Sermon)

I preached this sermon on March 15th, 2020 – the first Sunday after it was clear that Coronavirus would be altering our way of life for the near-term future. What are people of faith to do when facing the world of coronavirus, especially when the bible implies things like suffering actually can have a purpose in our lives?

Podcast Episode 002 – Pastoral Transitions

In this episode, I talk a bit about pastoral transitions, particularly those where the pastor isn’t moving into another pastoral role such as retirement, moving into mid-council work, chaplaincy, etc where they won’t regularly be at another church and give three reasons why I thinkā€¦. well, I can’t give it all away can I?

Podcast Episode 001: YouTube as a Youth Ministry Platform with Jeremiah Wagner

In this episode, Brian chats with Jeremiah Wagner, a staff member at Crestfield Camp and Conference Center and Bower Hill Presbyterian Church, about the online ministry that he has built through YouTube. Playing games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and others Jeremiah has amassed over 3000 subscribers and developed relationships with kids from across the country that has led to countless positive interactions, prayer, and even bible study