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Where to incorporate a new software as a service bussines?

I started a website that is software as a service. Currently I am a solo founder, and have not incorporated the company yet, but I have been trying to incorporate a shopping cart integration software.

The website is now bringing in some revenue (about $360 in recurring subscription fees), and is growing slowly but surely. Each client pays $40 a month, and the goal is to increase the business to a $1,000/month, with the goal of $4,000/month in 6 months.

I live in California and now I want to incorporate this business as an LLC. Any advice as to where?

I’ll keep try to keep this answer brief, but there are several factors and nuances that can be discussed in more depth. Where you decide to incorporate partly depends on what your future goals are with your company. Companies that plan to seek venture capital or go public typically choose Delaware as the state of incorporation, and usually choose a C-Corp. Delaware has a very well developed body of law surrounding corporate governance and that provides comfort and more certainty to future VC investors. If you’re not planning to seek VC money any time soon, an LLC is a smart decision because of the tax benefits it can provide to you as the owner.

It sounds like you want to grow your company on your own without outside financing. If that’s the case, I would recommend forming your LLC in California. Regarding California vs. Delaware, one benefit to forming your LLC in California is that you can avoid paying a registered agent fee which can cost anywhere from $100-200 a year. If you plan to seek venture capital down the road, you can reincorporate in Delaware.

Youth Ministry Meanderings – Part 2: The Task of Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry, like other “ministries” (Children’s Ministry, Youth Minister, Older Adult Ministry, Educational Ministry, Social Justice Ministry), is a defined area within the ministry of Jesus Christ through the church to the world.  Ministries such as these are not all-inclusive and self-supporting, but rather are defined by a scope or area of focus.  In the case of Youth Ministry, this has become defined as opportunities and programs designed for adolescents and their families.  (Key point here that I won’t develop now is the critical nature of understanding a student in relationship to their family).  Youth Ministry is by it’s very nature a transitional and future-oriented ministry. My students in Youth Ministry are constantly changing and evolving as each fall I get a new set of 6th graders who have officially entered our Jr. High program. While the starting point for when students enter the “Youth Ministry” realm is clear, the end point isn’t nearly as well delineated. While officially once a student graduates from high school they are no longer part of the Youth Ministry, the connections and relationships do not just disappear once a student graduates. They do, however, evolve in time. (I’ll have more to say about this later). They key aspect of Youth Ministry though is it’s future-oriented nature. Youth Ministry should prepare students to be life-long disciples of Christ who participate in the ministry of God to the world.Everything we do needs to be directed toward that goal. We are trying to prepare students for a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ. While many (perhaps most) people would nod their head in agreement with a that relatively innocuous statement, it’s implications for what we do and don’t know and beyond that, why we do what we do, are significant.

Practically speaking, it means that we need to think more about the impact something while have on a students ten years from now instead of the impact it will have on them now. It’s easy to say, “Oh the kids will love that!”, but it’s harder to say “Wow, ten years down the road the kids will be really glad we did this”. But, the latter is the most important. It’s great if we do things that kids enjoy now, but if the experiences we’re facilitating in our ministries aren’t transformative in nature ten years (or more) down the line, then what good are they?

Advantages of functional medicine

A Growing Problem under the Old Plan

More and more of us find ourselves struggling to reconcile the high prices we are paying for health care insurance with the frustratingly limited care we are able to get from our doctors. This frustration isn’t only felt by the patients, either. Many doctors are finding their hands tied by restrictions placed on them by the insurance industry regulations and definitions. Today, many of us are finding that we might be able to receive treatment for a defined disease, but the proactive care that could prevent the disease from developing isn’t covered by our healthcare plan.

An Innovative Solution

In response to this disparity, Functional Medicine, sometimes referred to as concierge medicine, has been carefully researched and designed to allow doctors the freedom to better serve their patients by eliminating the third party. The recognized and lauded benefits of Functional Medicine are rapidly becoming more available to both doctors and patients. At you can see here how functional medicine has developed in a positive way.

1- The money you pay into your healthcare goes directly toward your care and not into the coffers of an insurance company.

Functional Medicine allows you to pay for your services as you choose them and when you choose to access them, natural medicine is the best option for your health, check the Facebook from the best supplier. You decide when to pay for preventative care instead of making regular payments to an insurance company who in turn decides whether or not to pay for your care after you have become ill.

2- Your doctor and her staff get to know you personally.

For those of us who have made the switch to Functional Medicine, this may be one of our favorite benefits. Our doctor has more time to spend with us. This time is comfortable and unrushed, allowing our conversations to be comprehensive. The doctor and her staff have the time to fully understand our symptoms, so that together we can develop an appropriate course of preventative or diagnostic treatment.

3- Preventative medicine is encouraged and supported.

Within the Functional Medicine model you will find that preventative medicine is embraced. You and your personal physician will work together to develop healthful nutrition plans and exercise programs. You will have unhurried consultations to discuss your health concerns, options, and treatment preferences.

4- You can visit with your doctor when you need to see him.

Under the current healthcare system, your doctor is probably only available during the business day. However, many of us find that we get sick on the weekends or in the evenings. Functional Medicine opens up the availability of doctors. Your personal doctor can provide with the option of calling, emailing or visiting with him when you first feel sick.

5- Blood tests, hospital care, ER visits, and other care is coordinated and directed by your personal doctor.

Many of us have had the unsettling experience of going into the hospital for treatment or testing without the company of our regular doctor. Unfamiliar staff, nurses, and doctors then have the responsibility of directing your care based on notes and limited information. Within the Functional Medicine model, your personal doctor will be on hand to supervise your care and to consult with the other healthcare professionals concerning your treatment plan and preferences.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry ensures patients are cared for with a long-term commitment to their health and features several other additional benefits as well, plus patients are assured with Toxic Free Dentistry. Our blog today aims to help identify a few of the benefits of choosing a holistic dentist as opposed to just your average dental office.
Holistic dentistry looks at more than just your oral health – Your overall health and well-being can help us determine the best treatment option for you. What is good for your mouth may not necessarily be good for the rest of your body. Protecting your body’s natural balance is critical since poor oral health can lead to poor physical health. Did you know untreated tooth decay and gingivitis can lead to other complications such as root canals, tooth loss, and even cancer?
It can help correct previous harmful dental treatments – If you have amalgam or silver fillings in your mouth you should be aware that these fillings release harmful, mercury-laden vapors into your mouth regularly. As one of the few family dentists in Central PA who offers safe removal of mercury, you can remove those old harmful fillings and have them replaced in as safe an environment as possible without being exposed to dangerous vapors.
A holistic dentist like the Rejuvenation Dentistry Manhattan only uses the safest materials – Materials used by a holistic dentist are free of toxins and we refuse to use any treatment which could be harmful to your health. By using the least invasive treatments we also cut down on your recovery time so you can get back to being yourself as soon as possible.
If you’re not familiar with holistic dentistry we encourage you to read more on our holistic dentistry page. Your health should not be compromised and that is the core belief behind a holistic dentist office like Susquehanna Dental Arts.

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