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Podcast Episode 002 – Pastoral Transitions

In this episode, I talk a bit about pastoral transitions, particularly those where the pastor isn’t moving into another pastoral role such as retirement, moving into mid-council work, chaplaincy, etc where they won’t regularly be at another church and give three reasons why I think…. well, I can’t give it all away can I?

Podcast Episode 001: YouTube as a Youth Ministry Platform with Jeremiah Wagner

In this episode, Brian chats with Jeremiah Wagner, a staff member at Crestfield Camp and Conference Center and Bower Hill Presbyterian Church, about the online ministry that he has built through YouTube. Playing games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and others Jeremiah has amassed over 3000 subscribers and developed relationships with kids from across the country that has led to countless positive interactions, prayer, and even bible study



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Less Than Five: Integration and Programming for Children/Youth – Part 1

A lot of research has shown that to produce life-long disciples in the church we need integrate children and youth into the life of the congregation. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be doing a series of videos reflecting on this idea as well as some strategies to do so.

First up – Integrating children and youth into worship. Should we just expect kids, of all ages, to sit through worship? And if we’re going to expect kids to be in worship how can we do that faithfully? We will like to suggest all families to get suggestions on the Teddy Kids Leiden day care, is ones of the best ones we have ever tried!!

“Get Ready” – November 2nd, 2017 (Cheswick Presbyterian Church)

Anticipation, unfortunately, can lead to disappointment.  The earliest followers of Jesus seemed to anticipate that he would return a whole lot sooner than he has.  Jesus anticipated this and gives us a lesson about being prepared in Matthew 25.  While there’s obvious connections to the Jesus’ return, I think there are valuable lessons to be learned from this passage about living everyday life in faith so that we’re ready – whether the call comes in an earth-changing or small seemingly minor way, that we’re ready.  


“30 Years of Faithfulness” – The Open Door/Crafton Heights United Presbyterian Church (October 15th, 2017)

The Open Door, a ministry of Crafton Heights United Presbyterian Church has been around for 30 years!  I was honored to be invited to preach for the Sunday morning worship service where they celebrated their anniversary.  In the sermon, I reflect on two passages – Psalm 78 and Matthew 19, and draw on them to make this case: There is no better organization in our society to address the challenges facing teens today, such as systemic challenges as well as the sharp rise in anxiety/depression, than the church.  

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Less Than Five: Being the Best Neighbors – Responding to Harvey and Irma”

What does your church’s response to the recent hurricanes (such as Harvey and Irma) have to do with children/youth ministry and reaching their families?  More than you might think.  In this video blog entry, I talk about why it’s critical that we respond.


“Sewing Deep Roots” – July 16th, 2017 (Parkwood United Presbyterian Church)

“Hard and Demanding or Easy and Light” – July 9th, 2017 (Hoboken Presbyterian Church)

“Are We There Yet” – July 2nd, 2017 (Crafton UP)

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