In the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve all had to change how we do church. One of the things I’ve missed most during this season was the opportunity to preach and teach for congregations. What I realized (after a conversation with a friend) is that while I can’t do what I’m used to being able to do, I can – and would be glad to – still do preaching and teaching – whether it be pre-recorded or live. Here are a few of the topics that I’m especially interested in talking about.

  • Knowledge of God and Knowledge of Self: The Usefulness of the Enneagram for Christian Spirituality and Discipleship
    • This workshop looks at the roots of the enneagram, gives an overview of all nine types, and talks about how the use of the enneagram can help us better fulfill the commands to love God and love others.
    • Note: I’ve completed training with Integrative Enneagram Solutions and am in the process of becoming certified to administer their assessment.
    • Audience: This is best done as an interactive seminar/workshop, so the best platform for it would be a Zoom meeting.
  • The Future is Here: How Online Church will be the norm in the future
    • Cameron Trimble, CEO of Convergence, wrote this way back in April: “Do church online is here to stay… We are not going back from this. The gift of COVID-19 is that it has catapulted the Church into the technological era, awakening us to ways that we can offer good, wise theology into a world that needs it.”. This workshop will explore practical, theological, and technological issues when it comes to doing church online.
    • Audience: This is best done in a meeting format with a staff/leadership team via Zoom.
  • Regular Sunday Preaching
    • I know many of my friends would love – love a Sunday off from preaching – and I can’t blame them. So I am happy to do either (1) a live sermon on Zoom (2) Pre-Record something and send it to you (3) Pre-Record and edit together worship for Sunday. The only thing I can’t offer is music, but the rest I can handle.

While doing online presentations and seminars is always an adventure, I am well set up to do live presentations from my home with a gigabit internet connection, high-quality camera, and lapel microphone setup.